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If you stare at the picture long enough, you should see a giraffe.

Ive Finshed my shower.

‘Harry?’ I said as I heard the door open and then close slowly, I peered around from the shower curtain to find harry standing there butt naked, ‘you like what you see?’ harry winked as he stood up next to me under the shower ‘your so full of yourself sometimes styles’ I said winking at him, as he pulled me into a passionate kiss not letting go ‘but you love it’ he said after he finished kissing me, ‘what do you want anyway’ ‘to have a shower, but somebody took the shower so I had to join with them’ he said sticking his tongue out. ‘Hmm, I bet it’s not just a shower you came for’ I said as I looked down at his getting harder erection. ‘well I would like a little play with my girlfriend there is nothing wrong with that’ he winked, he was so cheesy but I loved it when he called me his girlfriend, it makes me smile still after 6 months of being with him. ‘well’ I said as I lowered myself down so I was face to face with his erection, I began my finger twisting gently and slowly enough to tease him down his length, ‘stop teasing me whore’ he said as he began to move his crotch forward, ‘those who ask don’t get what they want’ I said winking at him, I took his tip and slowly put it in my mouth as the rest of the length followed  in my mouth, I moved up and down a couple of times, to tease him as I got back up so I was standing straight and kissed him, I stepped out of the shower leaving him gobsmaked. ‘Where are you going?’ ‘ive had my shower now’ I said as I wrapped my towel around myself and made my way to the bedroom, closing the door behind me I let go of my towel and it dropped to the floor, I grabbed the lotion that was on my desk as I began to run it around my body when a body came up behind me spinning me around, pushing me to fall on the bed he entered himself into me ‘harryyyy’ I yelped as he pushed him into me ‘you wont be a slut next time will you’ he said as he began to thrust himself into me. ‘you love it’ I said in between breath’s as I pulled myself up on the bed properly I turned harry around so this time I was on top, I began to move up and down as I was hitting my orgasm harry spun me around so he was back on top, ‘FUCK HARRRRRRY’ I yelled as my orgasm hit harrys yet to hit I pushed him off me and moved down so my head was faced with his erection, I began to move forwards and backwards gagging now and again, he spilled in my mouth as I quickly swallowed not taking a second thought as I removed myself from him, ‘woah your good’ he said lying down on the bed, ‘am I a good enough slut?’ I teased. ‘The best’ he said kissing me passionately.





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The Thing about One-Shots

Im not taking any or doing any as there is no point because people wont know that your teh person who has requested it is, so I write one shots have a read but dont request any.x

Knock Knock

*Knock Knock*  ‘can I come in?’ I heard harrys voice from the other side of the door. ‘what do you want harry im doing something?’ I questioned. I carried on wrapping his birthday present ready for tomorrow ‘well my phones in there’ ‘well you will have to wait im busy’ with that I finished wrapping the present and slid it under the bed, I opened the bag with the clothes in as I began to undress myself ‘ill be standing out here then until you have finished’ he tutted, I grabbed the lacey underwear and slid it on, I put some red lipstick on and lay on the bed, ‘come in’ I said as harry opened the door and slowly closed it behind him ‘woaaaaaah’ he said staring at me ‘well, your not going to leave me waiting are you?’ I winked at him as he walked over to the bed so he was lying onto of me. He brushed his fingers down on top my bra as he moved his hand to the clasp. ‘uh no’ I said pulling his hands away, ‘you have to take your joggers off first’ I winked ‘oh so were playing a game now?’ he said as he pulled down his joggers so he was now standing in just his boxers ‘your turn he said winking at me’ as I undid my the back of my bra harrys burning eyes on me as his boxers became tighter ‘now, who will take these off’ I said as I grabbed the waist of his boxers, as harry laughed I bit onto the wait band of his boxers slowly pulling them down with my teeth. I let out a giggle as he pushed his boxers off himself, ‘so its your turn now then’ he said as he turned me over so he was on top of me again as he brought his fingers down as he grabbed the elastic at the side of my hips from my underwear slowly pulling it down and off my feet ‘now, where does the game go from here now were naked?’ he teased, ‘well I said pushing him off me and standing up ill close my eyes and you hide, ill find you I teased, I lay down on the bed as I put my hands over my eyes and tightly closed my eyes, ‘FUCK HARRRRY’ I yelled as he pushed himself into me ‘I couldn’t find a hiding place’ he said cheekily as he began to thrust ‘or you just wanted to hide inside me’ I joked ‘oh yes, well I like my hiding place’ he winked, he began to move up and down ‘harder’ I whispered ‘sorry am I not good enough for you’ he teased as he began to remove himself as I wrapped my legs around his back as I pulled him in quick close to me ‘woah shit’ he said as I pulled him back into me fast ‘your feisty’ he said winking ‘I don’t like messing around with styles’ I said as he began to move deeper and harder, ‘is this good enough’ he said between breaths as I began to kiss him passionate ‘brilliant’ I said through the kiss. ‘im close’ I said to harry as my orgasm hit me as I pulled harry close to me and screamed into his shoulder as he followed after by spilling inside of me and he pulled out and lay down on the bed next to me, ‘whats my present for tomorrow then?’ he teased ‘well that’ a surprise I said as I kissed him once again.